Understanding the CyberGen IQ Score

One-of-a-Kind Cybersecurity Aptitude Test

The focus on cybersecurity in nearly every industry increases every year. This has led to an excess of available positions—many of which are still going unfilled. The lack of properly experienced candidates has only made the issue of hiring more complicated. Finding the right candidate for a cybersecurity job position can be taxing on both HR departments, hiring managers, and candidates.

That’s why Haystack Solutions developed CyberGEN. IQ: the world’s only cyber aptitude and talent assessment. The test provides 97% accuracy in predicting job performance, mapping talent to job roles, and making the right hiring decisions.

In short: CyberGEN.IQ is a new way to quickly and reliably find the right hire.

Read our whitepaper about how to understand the CyberGEN.IQ scores and use them to find and cultivate the best cybersecurity talent.

CyberGEN.IQ For Corporations

CyberGEN.IQ For Corporations

The price of implementing CyberGEN.IQ amounts to a fraction of the cost it takes to make the right hiring decision, saving hundreds of hours for your corporation’s HR department. Pricing for CyberGEN.IQ is based on the number of people you hire versus the number of candidates you’re considering.

CyberGEN.IQ for Government Agencies

CyberGEN.IQ for Government Agencies

Quickly and efficiently secure the best cybersecurity experts before your competing agencies hire them. Unveil the cognitive fingerprints of key performers and groom deputies and replacements accordingly using the CyberGEN.IQ assessment test. Plan cybersecurity training opportunities for your government employees based on their exact needs and grow your agency’s team with the top cybersecurity experts from diverse backgrounds.

CyberGEN.IQ for Educators

CyberGEN.IQ For Educators

Implementing CyberGEN.IQ amounts to a fraction of the cost it takes to make the right decisions on placing students on the correct cybersecurity training trajectories.