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Pinpoint Cyber Genius

How Haystack Solutions Pinpoints Cyber Genius

The dangers of cybersecurity grow increasingly larger and more pervasive each minute. We need everyone who can fight, in the fight, to utilize their full potential. The experts at Haystack Solutions recognized a dangerous gap in the realm of cybersecurity recruiting, for both employers and candidates. The answer: a reliable cybersecurity aptitude assessment to perfect the process.

What CyberGEN.IQ Users Have to Say

It has been heartening to see CATA adapted for the commercial sector and, in early trials, to help identify previously unexplored but inherently genius-level cyber talent in schools and universities, who are now garnering some of the most prestigious CTF awards with talent who had not previously considered cybersecurity careers.

Michael Bunting, Ph.D.

Director of Cognitive Security and Information Operations at University of Maryland’s ARLIS Center

Haystack is the first solution that opens the ‘black box’ of the human mind to help identify optimal candidates for specific needs, and weed out those whose certs may be superb but whose innate skills just aren’t a match. Getting it right is imperative, and the costs—from delayed hires and poor retention to the severe consequences of missed vulnerabilities—are just too high to gamble with.

Charles J. Kolodgy

Principal Analyst, Security Mindsets