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The Haystack team will then analyze the results and train your department on how to use this information for future hiring. 

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15-Series Cognitive Test


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The global cybersecurity industry has less than half of the professionals it needs to keep up with the growing demand to protect and defend our assets. In this environment, how do you quickly and reliably find the right hire—the needle in a haystack? The Cyber Aptitude and Talent Assessment (CATA).

An inside look at CATA

In this sample question, the task is to manipulate several input variables and observe their input on several output values. Analyzing the results of the tester's response provides a deep understanding of particular cybersecurity skillsets.


001-solved    Initiating

Creatively solving problems and "kicking down doors"

003-discovery    Responding

Detecting anomalies and "watching the door," continuously monitoring information streams

002-goal    Real-Time

Making an in-the-moment decision with their current knowledge and information

004-question    Exhaustive

Researching other resources for more information before making a decision